Cyber Essentials: Framework for reducing your cyber risks

Somewhere today, a charity will have to deal with the reality that their systems have been breached and data stolen or compromised.

It's a costly and time-consuming problem to put right. Although it's a real threat, too often cyber-security is overlooked until it's too late.

Cybercrime has become increasingly more sophisticated but thankfully the Government has responded with a risk management scheme called 'Cyber Essentials'. Completing the scheme will protect you against 80% of common cyber threats. 

The issue many organisations face is the need to pay an IT expert to complete the Cyber Essentials requirements. Typically hiring these experts can cost thousands. 

Fortunately, some industry experts have put together a much simpler (and free) solution; an online diagnostic and training tool that guides you through the process of becoming compliant with Cyber Essentials. 

Our guide gives you everything you need to know about the Cyber Essentials scheme and information about using the free diagnostic and training tool.

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