Protecting Your Trustees and Charity Leaders

Did you know that senior management, directors and trustees can all be held personally liable? In fact, claims can be brought against your organisation and individuals for a range of reasons including:

    Actual instances or allegations of wrongful acts

    Errors or omissions


    Breach of duty

Without the right directors and officers (D&O) insurance cover the costs of defending and potentially settling the claim may need to be met by senior management individuals. 

For this reason, D&O liability insurance has become an essential component of most charities' insurance programmes.

But there's a lot of misinformation out there. Some charities that have 'limited liability' entities have been wrongly informed that their directors/management can't be held personally liable.

Our comprehensive guide looks in detail at the risks you face and how you can protect your senior leadership and trustees by selecting the right D&O insurance policy.

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