Terrorism insurance for charities

Our experience of terrorism in the UK has changed. Attacks used to focus on causing as much damage as possible to infrastructure and the economy. Sadly recent attacks have primarily been about taking as many lives as possible.

All attacks are devastating, impacting countless people and organisations. As roads are closed for significant periods of time, charities can find themselves affected and unable to deliver services – losing valuable income.

Take for example a few years back in London where an organisation suffered as a result of the attack on Borough Market. They suffered no damage to their property but because the area was closed down they lost £50,000 in revenue.

Because of the way their terrorism insurance was arranged their claim was denied. Their policy only covered loss of revenue where there was also damage to their building.

Another organisation in the same situation had their claim of £150,000 paid. Fortunately, they'd bought wider insurance which didn't require damage to their building for the cover to kick in.

Our guide on terrorism insurance gives you all the information you need to make informed choices about buying the right cover.

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